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Company supported by the Norte 2020 and Portugal 2020 projects - Project No. 047581


Project File: Project Designation - Introduction of new Piccola Speranza collections in international markets

Project code - NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-047581

Main objective - Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs Intervention region - North

Beneficiary entity - NAUGHTY KID - CONFECÇÕES, LDA


Approval date - 23-12-2020

Start date - 02-10-2020

Completion date - 30-06-2023

Total eligible cost - 302.985,50 EUR

Financial support from the European Union - ERDF - 136.343,93 EUR


Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results

Internally, the company defined as strategic objectives to increase the company's presence in international markets, to invest in a strategy based on its own brand, as well as to increase the volume of exports. In order to put into practice the targeted internationalization strategy and achieve the previously defined objectives, the company will develop activities that fit into the following types of operation:

- Knowledge of Foreign Markets: Participation in several international fairs with the aim of promoting their products, attracting new customers, as well as increasing the company's notoriety in foreign markets;

- Presence on the Web, through the Digital Economy: Creation of an e-commerce store and carrying out various digital marketing campaigns, through the dynamization of social networks and advertising on Google Ads;

- Development and International Promotion of Brands: Development of new Piccola Speranza collections;

- Prospection and Presence in International Markets: The entity will carry out several prospection actions in foreign markets in order to promote the realization of new business and attract new customers. Additionally, the company will also invest in carrying out reverse missions;

- Introduction of new Organization Methods in Commercial Practices and External Relations: Hiring of two highly qualified technicians, in order to assist the company in the implementation of this internationalization project. With the Internationalization project, the company expects to go from an International Turnover of €353.247,72 in the pre-project to an International Turnover of €668.523,37 in the post-project, which is repeated in an increase of €315.275,65 .XNUMX.

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