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The brand

Piccola Speranza wears dreams and builds cotton candy castles.

In this fantastic universe, we believe that children are the best in the world and that dressing them up is a privilege.

We want the world to be infected by the smiles, purity and genuine happiness of children.

We want to contribute to share this happiness.

With decades of experience in the production of children's clothing, we choose the best materials and use the safest production techniques to guarantee the superior quality of our garments.

We defend the rigor and perfection of finishes.

We believe in national competence.

We refuse the easy ways.

For us, the children's world is the inspiration.

We design timeless but original models; classic but contemporary; fun but stylish.


Piccola Speranza's collections consist mainly of dresses, pants, shorts, blouses, bathing suits, fluffy ones, headbands, skirts and shirts, but – we don't deny it – the dress is our piece of choice.

Whether for a party or other special occasion, a wedding, christening or other celebration, in our collections you will find options that appeal to children and adults alike.

But if you want something different and concrete, contact us and we will try to meet your expectations.

Above all, we want to help provide happy times with family and friends.

Children fill any space or place with their joy and fact, we only make a small contribution.


Come dream with us!


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